What to Expect

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What to Expect

Mi-Fiber is busy in its preparations to bring the City of Waukee an unmatched Broadband experience through its deployment of a 100% fiber optic network. We are engineering the network specifically to deliver unmatched speeds and reliability. There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes before service can be deployed. We understand that it can feel like a lifetime when you are waiting for something that you really want. We promise your Mi-Fiber Internet service will be worth the wait! Here’s a glimpse at why your patience is appreciated and necessary.


What Does Mi-Fiber’s Deployment Plan Look Like?
High Speed Internet Service

First, we would like to clearly state that we will be bringing service to all of Waukee! Our deployment will follow a phased approach in which services are sequentially deployed across identified build sectors or “Fiberhoods”. The following graphic represents our build sectors within Waukee. You can view an interactive map here. We have currently designated 7 build sectors within Waukee, Fiberhoods A through G. We began construction in Fiberhood D on May 9, 2017.





You Can Sign Up For High Speed Internet Service Right Now!
While we will begin construction in Fiberhood D and C, we’re actively taking applications for service across Waukee. Why should you go ahead and sign up now?
• Signing up now entitles you to participate in our free month(s) promotion to early subscribers!
• Signing up now logs your interest, and will guide the priority of our construction – influencing the areas that will be installed first and which Fiberhoods will be built next!

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What is Mi-Fiber Up To Right Now?
Our efforts are principally focused on two core areas of service preparation:

1. Detailed Engineering: We’re surveying neighborhoods, working with the city on utility layouts and rights of way, and designing the network based on latest generation fiber deployment techniques. You may see our staff and contracted engineers around town over the next several months as we work our way through designing the overall network for Waukee.
2. Community Outreach: We don’t want to be a vendor that’s disconnected from those we’re seeking to serve. We’re beginning to reach out to community organizations, the Waukee Chamber, Rotary, Developers, schools, and neighborhood groups to insure we continue to tailor our offerings to meet the needs of Waukee’s business and residential communities. Please contact us if you would like us to schedule a visit with your neighborhood group.


What does the construction process entail, and how long will it take to complete?
High Speed Internet ServiceEach Waukee Fiberhood is comprised of roughly 1,000 homes, with the number of associated fiber miles per Fiberhood varying from 5 to 25 route miles. Before we can lay the fiber in the ground, or bring in construction equipment such as boring machines, we have to figure out where the existing underground utilities are—wires, pipes, water lines, and so on. We then follow a precise process for marking the locations (“locates”) where each utility is supposed to be. This helps our construction crews when they are digging. You might see orange, blue, red, or yellow paint and flags on sidewalks, streets, or even on your grass. Those are locating marks of underground facilities we’ll have to navigate during construction.

Our construction permits, which are issued by a state or local government, give us the right to build our network in public rights-of-ways and easements in a particular jurisdiction. Where applicable, we have to separately secure the rights to construct on private property, such as in a multi-family apartment building, in a gated community, or across a private road.

High Speed Internet ServiceCombined, all these factors typically create a construction window of roughly 8-10 weeks to completely build out a Fiberhood. Most construction work is disruptive in some way or another, but rest assured, Mi-Fiber will make every attempt to minimize disruption for the city and its residents.





When does Mi-Fiber expect to turn up internet service?

Weather can always be a factor, but Mi-Fiber anticipates turning up service to our first customers in Fall 2017. As mentioned above, our construction will be prioritized based on areas exhibiting the highest level of sign up interest. A visit to our sign-up page is all it takes to lock in any early sign up promotions, and begin the sign-up process!

After you complete the sign-up process, you can monitor sign-up progress in your Fiberhood here. We will email you when it’s time to connect your home, so you can schedule your installation appointment online. Once your installation is complete, you will be ready to enjoy your Mi-Fiber Internet service – Technology to Power Your Life. Support to Simplify It!