Waukee Construction Update

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Letter from Ron Hinds, CEO



December 4, 2017


Dear mi-fiber customer,


Thank you for your continued patience as you anticipate the advantages of your new mi-fiber service.  I understand your frustration with not yet having the service. We have taken steps to speed up the process.  The following list is not intended to represent any excuse, but is intended to demonstrate the challenges of new fiber construction:


    • We are attempting to install the main fiber line and all drops to interested houses in Fiberhoods D, C and E before the ground freezes.  Our fiber contractor, Morris Construction, has pledged to work after the ground freezes, but the construction will be slowed with an Iowa winter.


  • If you see fiber construction near your house, we are closer to getting the service turned up, but many items must be accomplished before service can begin.  Below is a brief list of the process.
    1. Place conduit in the ground. You will see big spools of orange tubing.
    2. Pull fiber optic cable into the conduit. A work crew will place the actual fiber optic cable in the conduit.
    3. Bury fiber optic cable up to your house. We will contact you to schedule a site visit. We want to ensure that the cable going from the main fiber to your house is installed in the most efficient and non-invasive way possible.
    4. Splice all fiber together to create the connection to the nearest electronics cabinet. The fiber cable must be spliced in the vaults that are in the ground as well as up to your home.
    5. Install electronics cabinet and activate the fiber. Crews will work to set, bring electricity up to and install electronics in the cabinet before the fiber cable will be activated.
    6. Test the fiber optic networks for quality assurance. The testing phase is very important. All aspects of the network must be in place before we can run the system through extensive quality assurance testing.
    7. Install service at your home. A customer service representative will contact you to schedule an installation time and will send you an email with the service paperwork.
  • Please know that I have directed the engineers, contractors, and mi-fiber staff to make every effort to get service to you in the very near future.


Again, thank you for your patience, and know that we are committed to providing you the level of customer service that we have provided in southern Iowa and northern Missouri for decades.  We look forward to providing your broadband service and supporting the Waukee community for years to come.   If you have any questions, please call 844-499-0399.




Ron Hinds
CEO, mi-fiber