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Mi-Fiber Smart WiFi

Mi-Fiber Smart WiFi is a suite of benefits that will take your home internet experience beyond anything you’ve imagined.

 Add Smart WiFi to your Mi-Fiber internet package for $15/month and get:


HomePass manages your digital ecosystem to deliver flawless WiFi while providing enhanced security. With its intuitive app, you can easily monitor and control your entire network, users, and devices.

Whole-Home Coverage

Blanket your home with ultra-fast WiFi. Like a mesh network, Smart WiFi eliminates dead zones and goes beyond mesh to self-optimize, keeping your network and devices running smoothly.

Manage your home like a pro with HomePass.


Always-on, 24/7 network security

Digital Security

Advanced IoT protection with anomaly detection and device quarantine in case of a breach

Real-time online protection from the seven most common types of malicious threats


In-home motion detection

Home Monitoring

Home motion detection through devices already connected to your WiFi


Easy control of your network and devices

Full Access Management

Parental controls with age-appropriate content filters and website blocks

Guest management with passwords that expire and device-specific access


Improved WiFi connectivity

Flawless WiFi connectivity

The only self-optimizing and learning-adaptive home WiFi system on the market

Gain a holistic view of connected devices for easy management

Smart WiFi and HomePass FAQs

What comes with Smart WiFi?
Smart WiFi includes:
  • Complete in-home WiFi coverage
  • Four HomePass components – Adapt, Control, Guard and Sense
  • HomePass mobile app
  • Professional installation
What does Smart WiFi cost?

Smart WiFi is $15.00 per month, in addition to your internet subscription and equipment fee. Smart WiFi can be added to any Mi-Fiber internet subscription.

What is the difference between your regular internet subscription and Smart WiFi with HomePass?

Your regular Mi-Fiber internet subscription includes the equipment necessary for standard service. If your home is larger or has certain structural qualities that block the WiFi signal, you may have “dead spots” where the WiFi signal is not as strong.

Smart WiFi includes the equipment and software to extend, adapt, and optimize your home’s network and devices. It also includes features such as enhanced security, parental and guest controls, and in-home motion sensing.

How do parental controls work?

Within the HomePass app, you can set usage limits, filter websites, and restrict types of content. You can also freeze WiFi for specific devices, or even for specific locations, such as your kids’ bedrooms.

How do I set up HomePass?

We will come to your home to professionally install and set up your Smart WiFi and get you started with the HomePass app.

Is HomePass a mesh system?

HomePass is like a mesh system, but better because it adapts to your usage and self-optimizes. It runs more than 10 different types of improvements that work in the background 24/7, so you get fast and consistent WiFi to every corner of your home. For example, if a change occurs that would impact your WiFi performance, like an increase in connected devices or interference from a neighbor’s WiFi, HomePass will make the appropriate adjustments to maintain your WiFi experience.