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Internet Service

PackageDownload and Upload Speeds Up ToMonthly Rate
100 mbps$59.95
200 mbps$69.95
500 mbps$79.95
1,000 mbps (1 Gig!)$99.95
All advertised speeds may not be available in all locations. Call for more information.
*One year Service Agreement required. We will email the Service Agreement for your electronic signature before you schedule your installation.
(required for any Customer-owned equipment that needs a public IP address - contact Mi-Fiber to discuss or if more IPs are needed)

Voice Service

Installation Details:
A non-recurring installation fee of $100 will apply but will be discounted to $70 if Aureon Voice is installed at the same time as Mi-Fiber
Internet (total fee of $170 for installation of voice and Internet simultaneously). Standard installation includes one phone/Analog
Telephone Adapter (ATA) at the router. Installation of any other phones or equipment during initial installation will be billed at time and
Equipment Purchased (required)
Equipment Purchase (optional)
Maintenance Service Agreement

The minimum term for ATA Maintenance service agreement is 1 year, beginning on the Service Installation date.
NOTE! Fiber optic services and Voice over IP (VoIP) require backup power to continue functioning during a power outage. To minimize disruption of Service during an outage, Mi-Fiber offers the following uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with limited battery backup capability.
Please let us know how many UPS units you require.

Bill Pay Options & Additional Information