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Expect more from your internet provider!

Our 100% fiber optic network is backed by skilled technicians, local customer service representatives, and a 24/7 tech support line. We provide the highest level of service and support to keep your home running day and night. With our internet service, you receive the same upload and download speeds, a dedicated connection, and no data caps. Mi-Fiber is the premier choice for your home and your family.


All internet solutions are backed by our Mi-Fiber Price Pledge.

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Equipment Fees

We give our customers the option to use our router or to provide their own. While troubleshooting can be more difficult when a customer is not using our router, we understand why some may prefer this option.

For $9.95 per month, we will provide and maintain a leased router, Wi-Fi access point, and an ONT. If the customer chooses to use their own router and Wi-Fi equipment, Mi-Fiber will provide and maintain our ONT at the property for $4.95 per month. Both options include our 24/7 Technical Support Line.

Additional Services

Mi-Fiber proudly offers managed Wi-Fi and Tech Home products for your computer security, data backup and support needs. Visit our Tech Home page for more information.

Additional Information
Installation Fees

The installation fee for Mi-Fiber internet service is $250, when applicable. For any questions please contact Mi-Fiber at info@mi-fiber.net.

Service Call Procedures and Rates

If a customer is using their own router and Wi-Fi equipment, service will only be checked up to the Mi-Fiber owned and maintained equipment. If the issue is on the customer’s side of the service, a trip charge will apply and current labor rates will be charged for the time the technician is working on the issue.


You can find more information on our Labor Rates page, or by contacting Mi-Fiber at info@mi-fiber.net.

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