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Voice service powered by AUREON Connect | Residential Phone Service


Looking for an alternative to your existing landline phone service, or tired of inconsistent indoor cell coverage?
Local service, brought to you by AUREON Connect, leverages the power of your Mi-Fiber broadband connection to deliver consistent, crystal clear, high definition voice service!
























    To make a call using a AUREON Connect voice service, the phone must have a power source and an active Internet connection. If you are experiencing a power outage or an Internet outage, you will not be able to complete a call. This includes emergency 911 calls. Backup power supplies are available for purchase.

    When an emergency call is made from an AUREON Connect voice service phone, the address on record will be provided to the emergency personnel. If the phone is moved to a new address, call 844-499-0399 and request that the address be updated in the AUREON Connect voice service system. The address information must be updated for the calls to be routed to the appropriate emergency services personnel.

    *Taxes, fees and one-time charges will apply. Some restrictions may apply.


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