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123Unlike other providers whose broadband services leverage networks that were designed around the delivery of traditional voice and video services, the Mi-Fiber network will employ the latest, state of the art, fiber optic technology and design techniques specifically crafted for the delivery of Broadband services. The result is a supremely fast, reliable and consistent Internet experience.

In contrast to other networks presently serving the greater Des Moines area, Mi-Fiber is deploying an Active-E fiber optic topology. Traditional broadband networks have either sought to optimize legacy technology such as copper based telephone plant, or employ designs using coaxial or fiber optic technologies whose deployment bends towards cost efficiency versus speed optimization and service consistency. These systems will naturally be affected by the number of neighbors using the Internet at any given time as an Internet signal is split and shared between subscribers within a fixed geography such as a neighborhood.

Have you ever experienced inconsistent Internet speeds? Lagging Internet speed is often a product of multiple users vying for a given level of shared broadband. With Mi-Fiber, service will never be affected by your neighbor’s usage. An Active-E design does not use “splitters” to share a signal, but rather provides a dedicated IP connection – there is not a more robust network design available today. Mi-Fiber’s design offers a level of speed and service consistency that is unmatched.

Beyond the advantages offered by state-of-the-art technology, Mi-Fiber’s focus will emphasize personal and supremely responsive service. Mi-Fiber grew out of a cooperative-based organization where providing responsive service to the cooperative “member” is central to its operating charter. Mi-Fiber will be bringing that culture of service, combined with the latest technology, to the residents of the greater Des Moines area – creating an unrivaled overall customer experience.