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Who is Mi-Fiber?

Mi-Fiber is a subsidiary of GRM Networks, a local broadband provider with over 70 years of experience in southern Iowa and northern Missouri. GRM Networks recognized a need for a service provider focused on bringing an unparalleled broadband experience to residents of the Des Moines area, with a commitment to customer service and contributing to the local community. Mi-Fiber sees the benefit in keeping our service area limited in scope so as to be able to focus on bringing unmatched technology and service to the people of greater Des Moines!

What can I expect from Mi-Fiber?

Mi-Fiber is working to bring a superior broadband experience to the Des Moines metro through our fully fiber optic network. We bring amazing speeds and reliability directly to your door. We believe in providing an exceptional level of customer service, and we treat our customers like they are our friends and neighbors.


Where is Mi-Fiber available?

Due to overwhelming requests we have expanded our footprint to include all of Waukee, Bondurant and Polk City, as well as parts of Altoona, Ankeny, Clive, Grimes, Pleasant Hill, Urbandale and West Des Moines. With each request to serve new areas, we explore opportunities to continue growing our network and to bring our first-class broadband experience to new neighborhoods.

You can view an interactive map showing where our service is currently available, and what our upcoming expansion plans are.

What is included in the construction process and how long does it take?

Constructing a fiber optic network can take quite a while to complete. Before we can start building our main fiber line, existing utilities must be marked to avoid damaging water, sewer, power, etc. We call in a locate request, and the other utility companies mark where their existing underground facilities are located. You'll know this has been completed if you see orange, blue, red or yellow paint and flags on sidewalks, streets, or even your lawn. Those help our construction crews navigate around existing utilities during the construction process to ensure we don't hit something we shouldn't.

We obtain construction permits issued by the city, state, or local government. These permits allow us to build our network in public right-of-ways and existing utility easements in your neighborhood. When needed we procure the right to build on private property such as in a gated community, across a private road or within a multi-family building.

Although we do our best to be as careful as possible, construction can be a messy process. Mi-Fiber does our best to minimize any disruptions, but we know it's not possible to remove all disruptions and are committed to repairing and restoring every area we work in. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at info@corp.mi-fiber.net.

Once our fiber is in place and spliced, and all necessary electronic equipment is installed, we will reach out to residents who signed up on our website to let you know Mi-Fiber is now available at your address.

What does the installation process to my personal residence look like?

In order to bring service to a residence, we first must run an individual fiber line to your home from the mainline installed in your neighborhood. This is commonly referred to as a "drop", and takes roughly 7-10 business days. On homes built after about 2015, there is typically an access box already in place that allows us to bring the fiber line from the outside of the home to the inside. For homes built prior to 2015, we will schedule a site survey at your home. This is when a technician comes out to your home and works with you to find the best access point to bring the fiber line inside. Once the fiber line is inside the home, our technician will install an indoor Optical Network Terminal, or ONT. This is a required piece of equipment that converts the fiber into a useable Ethernet cable that will connect to your router. The ONT needs to be plugged into a power source in order to work. Without a backup power source, if your electricity goes out then your internet will not work. Once electricity is restored your internet will boot right back up with no need to reset any equipment. To help prevent loss of internet during a power outage, you can purchase a backup battery from Mi-Fiber or other sources.

Once the ONT is in place, our technician will run a CAT5 cable, or Ethernet cable, to your router to set up your Wi-Fi access. The technician will work with you in order to find the best place for your router to distribute the Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. The technician will also make sure you have the information you need in order to connect your devices to the new Wi-Fi. If you are interested in an extensive review of the Wi-Fi signal throughout the home as well as assistance in setting up all of your devices, we recommend signing up for Managed Wi-Fi. Managed Wi-Fi service provides assistance with in-home signal coverage, device connectivity, Wi-Fi performance and so much more. For additional information on Managed Wi-Fi, contact us at info@corp.mi-fiber.net.

What is a temporary line and how do I know if I qualify for one?

A temporary line is a fiber line that is placed above ground in order to connect your home for service. This is most frequently used in the winter time when the ground is too frozen to complete the required construction for a normal under ground line. In order to qualify for a temporary line, the line cannot cross a sidewalk, road or driveway in order to reach the home from the mainline. A site survey is required in order to confirm if a specific home can be served with a temporary line.

Unfortunately, if your home can not be served with a temporary line and construction can not be completed in the winter due to the frozen ground, we will be unable to provide service until the line can be buried as usual.

For more information please contact Mi-Fiber at info@corp.mi-fiber.net.

As a real estate agent, how can I get more information to my homebuyers about Mi-Fiber?

Mi-Fiber has partnered with Fiber Homes to help real estate agents connect homebuyers to our super-fast, super reliable fiber internet. Real estate professionals can create a free account in seconds that will allow you to search any address to find the internet availability at that home. If you’re showing a home we connect, you’ll get access to extra information and an exclusive promo for your buyers. If you’re listing a home we connect, you’ll get free marketing materials to boost the value of your listing! For more information about Fiber Homes you can reach out to us at info@corp.mi-fiber.net, or you simply can create an account and get started today!

Is Mi-Fiber committed to net-neutrality (the equal treatment of all traffic)?

Yes we are. Please see our Internet Service Disclosure for more information.

Where can I go to find out more about Mi-Fiber's services?

Our website offers more information about our Residential and Business solutions. If you still have questions about the services that we offer, please contact us at 515-850-0500 or info@corp.mi-fiber.net. Our customer service representatives are based out of our local office and would love to chat!

What are the advantages of Mi-Fiber's services?

Mi-Fiber uses the latest, state of the art, fiber optic technology in order to provide a supremely fast, reliable and consistent internet experience. Unlike other types of internet providers where you may share bandwidth with your neighbors, Mi-Fiber uses individual fiber lines to each home so that the internet connection you are using is wholly your own. No need to worry about peak internet times or sharing internet speeds with your neighbors. The only internet sharing you will be doing is within your own household.

In addition to focusing on bringing you a superior product, Mi-Fiber is also dedicated to bringing you superior customer service. Our office and staff are all local so when you call in to the office or work with one of our technicians they treat you like a friend or a neighbor, because they are!

Are there data caps in any plan?

Mi-Fiber does not have data caps on any plan. However, if a customer exceeds the average usage within their selected plan by 5 times or more, for 2 billing cycles in a row, Mi-Fiber reserves the right to move that customer to the next highest speed tier. If a residential customer is on the fastest plan, Mi-Fiber reserves the right to move that customer to an appropriate business solution. Mi-Fiber will contact the customer if these steps become necessary.

What happens if I decide my current speed isn't the right option for me?

At any point, customers can call in and change their originally selected speeds with no penalties. Our customer service representatives will work with you to find the best speed to fit your needs. Once a new speed is selected, you will notice the change in speeds the same day.

Is there a penalty if I break my one-year contract?

Per the terms of the service agreement you signed prior to installation, if you decide to cancel service with us before your one-year term is up, you will be required to pay out the remaining length of the service agreement. This can be waived if another person is taking over service at your location. For example, if you move out of your current home and the new homeowner signs up for Mi-Fiber service, then this fee is waived.

Is there anything I can't do while using the internet service?

Please see our Acceptable Use Policy .

Do you offer introductory pricing for new customers? Will my pricing change, and if so, when will it change and how much will my bill increase?

Mi-Fiber prices are all backed by our Price Pledge, which means that we will never increase your monthly internet rate. As such, we do not offer low introductory pricing, only to increase the monthly rate at a later date. The only time you will see a price change in your internet rate is if you choose to change the speed tier you are currently receiving.

When can I expect to receive my bill and when are payments due?

Mi-Fiber bills for service the month in advance. Monthly bills will be sent out on the 1st of the month and are due upon receipt, but will not be considered late if paid no later than the 21st of the month. If you do not pay your bill by the 21st of the month, service may be disrupted and late fees may be added. We offer convenient auto-pay options to help you avoid the hassle of paying bills, and to avoid any issues that may come with a late payment.

Does Mi-Fiber have a mobile app that I can use to access my account?

We do!  You can search Mi-Fiber in the Google Play store or in the Apple Store and find our mobile app.  To login you would use the same login information that you would use on the website to access the account.  You can pay your bill, set up autopay, and view your account history all through the app!

Am I required to use Mi-Fiber's equipment, or can I provide my own?

In order to ensure the best possible experience with our service, Mi-Fiber equipment must be placed at each customer location.  A $9.95/month equipment fee is required for all customers.  You may choose to install your own equipment and/or WiFi equipment behind the Mi-Fiber equipment.

If you choose to install your own equipment you will be responsible for all maintenance of your equipment as well as any wireless network configuration. Once service has been installed, if any follow up visits are required to service customer owned equipment, a trip charge plus labor rates and material fees may be added to your next monthly bill. See Mi-Fiber Labor Rates for more information.

What kind of coverage can I expect from the Mi-Fiber provided equipment?

The equipment provided by Mi-Fiber at installation will cover roughly 1800 square feet. There are a few things that can affect the exact reach of the signal (for example, metal or brick walls, multi-story homes etc.), so this may vary from location to location. During installation, our technicians will do their best to ensure that the equipment is placed in a central location to help get the best coverage possible. If you elect to add Smart WiFi to your internet service, our technicians will evaluate your home and add additional equipment to ensure whole-home coverage.

What is Smart WiFi, and what does it include?

Smart WiFi eliminates dead spots in your home, and helps to expand WiFi coverage.  Smart WiFi learns and improves in real-time, sending signal where it's most needed for whole-home coverage.  Smart WiFi also includes the HomePass app, allowing you to easily monitor and control your entire network, users, and devices.  HomePass provides features such as parental controls, guest networks, and home motion detection.  Smart WiFi requires a minimum one year contract.  Learn more about Smart WiFi and how you can add it to your internet service for only $15/month by visiting our website, emailing us at info@corp.mi-fiber.net, or calling us at 515-850-0500.