Constant Connect

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Constant Connect – Managed Wi-Fi Service


Internet Connection
Simply put, Constant Connect provides absolute assurance of both in home signal coverage and device connectivity/wi-fi performance.


Internet Connection


What Do I Get With Constant Connect?

24*7 Concierge Hotline

Can’t get a device to connect, or work properly with your wi-fi network? No worries! Constant Connect customers are provided a hotline dedicated to our managed service customers. Our advanced diagnostic tools and trained staff will ensure you go directly to the front of the line to get any issue resolved quickly and effectively.


24 Hour In-Home Wi-Fi Monitoring

mi-fiber constantly monitors the health and utilization of your wi-fi network assuring that subscribed bandwidth is consistently available to all the devices within your home. If we detect issues with your Internet Connection, we’ll proactively address them before they impact you!


No Cost Next Day In-Home Issue Resolution

Can’t get an issue resolved remotely? No problem, we’ll dispatch a technician to address the issue by no later than the next business day.

We strive for same day service if at all possible.


Worry Free Equipment Replacement Guarantee

If your mi-fiber equipment fails or is operating below spec, it will be replaced at no charge by no later than the next business day.


Signal Saturation Guarantee

Our in-home evaluation will engineer an in-home wi-fi environment that guarantees no dead zones within your home. Specify where you want coverage, and we’ll engineer a solution to ensure you get the most out of your mi-fiber connections, wherever they are being used, period!