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Listing Tips for Real Estate Agents Selling a Fiber Home

Finding ways to distinguish a home listing from all the others is one of the hallmark skills a real estate agent brings to their clients. And while each home brings different charms to a listing, some features are just far more appealing (and valuable) to potential homebuyers than others.

Fiber Homes was designed to help agents easily locate and showcase one of the most desirable features a 21st century home can have—fiber internet. Through Fiber Homes and its free tools, real estate agents can turn an ordinary listing into a faster and possibly more profitable sale.

Keep reading to learn more about fiber internet and how to use Fiber Homes’ tools to create an ideal listing—and see how you can make a home with fiber internet pop!

The Value of Fiber-to-the-Home

In the trade, listings for a home with fiber internet (as opposed to older kinds of technology like cable or DSL) formally use the term “fiber-to-the-home,” or FTTH. And FTTH is a highly-prized feature for many would-be homebuyers.

For some clients, a home with fiber is essential for remote working. Indeed, many remote workers are relocating to communities with fiber internet to break away from crowded, expensive urban centers. Real estate professionals are increasingly likely to encounter this reason for moving among many younger clients, especially in fiber-connected communities.

Because Mi-Fiber’s fiber network delivers the most reliable and fastest internet your clients can get, you can help local homebuyers find a home that also provides greater efficiency, pristine streaming entertainment, and more security all at once.

Having FTTH dramatically increases the value of homes and whole communities, as well—upwards of 3.1% according to at least one analysis. (And that study was conducted in 2015, before COVID-19 made home internet all the more necessary!) A more recent study found that home internet outranked all other amenities in importance to homebuyers—even higher than local amenities or commute time.

Fiber Homes’ Free Tools for Showcasing FTTH

Below we take you step-by-step through the process of using Fiber Homes’ many tools to help agents find and sell FTTH homes. By simply utilizing Fiber Homes’ (completely free!) tools, agents can help find the ideal fiber home for their clients and make their listings truly shine above others.

Follow each step below:

  1. Create your FREE profile at https://www.fiberhomes.com/pro/accounts/signup/mifiber. Fill out your profile completely for free branding on your Broadband Property Reports!
  2. Bookmark the Pro Portal on your desktop and as a shortcut on your mobile device for easy access on the go. From there, you can search any address as a buyer’s agent or a listing agent to get relevant resources.
  3. Start typing an address, and then select it from the dropdown box.
  4. If the address is confirmed to have our fiber internet service, you’ll see our “Certified Fiber Home” badge. If not, you’ll see the fastest information in the area according to the FCC, but you’ll need to follow up with the internet provider to confirm availability at that particular address.
  5. If the home is one we service, you’ll have free access to additional materials—like an easy-to-share informational landing page for buyers’ agents and free marketing materials for listing agents, which include:
  • Rack cards and door hangers for an open house
  • Sign riders and yard signs for in front of the home
  • Certified Fiber Homes badge for your existing marketing materials
  • QR code to put in with photos of the home (this links to the speeds and pricing information)

You can also click “Full Report” for a full Broadband Property Report branded for you, the agent. You will get a robust report every time, whether or not fiber internet availability has been confirmed.

Be sure to include the Broadband Property Report in all your disclosures to provide a better client experience every time!

By setting up your Fiber Homes account and utilizing the free Fiber Homes tools, you can easily locate existing homes with FTTH and create a listing that emphasizes the value and desirability of a home with fiber internet.

Whether you’re trying to get the best price for your selling client or help a young family relocate their career to a new town, we’re confident Fiber Homes can help you close the sale every time. We’re proud to have certified addresses in Fiber Homes and to bring this free tool to our local agents.

Be sure to create your account today! https://www.fiberhomes.com/pro/accounts/signup/mifiber