Optical fiber is the superhero of the telecommunications industry. Fiber is fast, reliable and always there when you need it. Fiber gets the job done. Cliché, yes but ever so true. Check out these reasons why fiber is the choice for you!

1. See a Doctor
Feeling like cat puke warmed over twice? Fiber is bringing back house calls by bringing the doctor to you. The reliability of fiber’s connectivity offers the convenience of telemedicine and an appointment with the doctor from the solace of your own space; less exposure to germs, less downtime and less time away from work. Get an immediate diagnosis and get on with your life.

2. Be the Star of Movie Night

Last week’s movie night received 1 thumbs-up and not because of the popcorn! The night’s top pick halted its download after 45 minutes. Enjoy fast and reliable downloads with no buffering! Fiber offers symmetrical download and upload speed capable of 1 Gigabit per second! Subscribe today and see your name in Hollywood lights!   

3. Say Hello to Honor Roll
Fiber’s reliability combined with its ability to deliver high-speed internet access offers parents peace of mind knowing that school reports and assignments may be completed on time and from the comfort and security of your own home. Search no more for a secure Wi-Fi hotspot and say goodbye to homework late slips!

4. Go to Work
Work in your jammies. Never be late for work and impress your boss by staying after 5PM. Fiber’s reliability and superior bandwidth capabilities offer the optimal telecommuting opportunity. With symmetrical speeds and no buffering, you can be the superstar of the office by working from your home office. 

5. Clear up Constipation

There are no blockages or lack of information flow with optical fiber. A daily dose of fiber allows for low attenuation or reduction of signal strength. 

6. Go Shopping

Bring your favorite stores to the comfort of your home! Relax while you shop; fast and reliable download and upload speeds help you snag the items you want in your shopping cart quickly. End result – more time for the things you enjoy! Goodbye long lines and crowded stores, hello fiber.

7. Video Chat with your Grandma
We all know we need to keep in touch with our families, but let’s face it, life gets busy! With a reliable connection the conversation can continue without buffering. 

8. Connect to the Future

So many aspects of the future increasingly rely on the internet. The numerous benefits of fiber help communities, businesses, and students remain competitive and grow. Optical fiber is the backbone of the future. Fiber is everywhere; it is an all-around benefit to your day. Whether in your diet or in your home, fiber gets the job done quickly and reliably.