Time flies when you are building a fiber network! It’s been just over a year since we announced mi-fiber would be providing Internet service to the residents of Waukee and we appreciate your overwhelming response. We are placing cable and hooking up service as fast as we can.

To keep up our pace, we have multiple construction crews, an engineering and planning team, a sales team, and our installation techs working diligently to turn up more Fiberhoods. Currently, the main line fiber is completed in Fiberhoods D, C, and E North with Internet service actively being installed. We are testing service in E South and once testing is complete, we will begin scheduling installs. We are building Fiberhood B and estimate that service will be ready to install by August (weather permitting). Construction in Fiberhood F and Fiberhood A will begin after installations have been scheduled in Fiberhood B.

On the 4th of July, our marketing team will be participating in the parade. Plan on giving us a big wave and watch our Facebook page for our fun parade pictures! On July 14, we will be at the Waukee Arts Festival in Centennial Park. Stop by our booth with the Waukee Public Library for some “COOL” giveaways and games. We are sure you will be a big fan!
A big thank you goes out to Waukee Parks and Recreation for giving mi-fiber the opportunity to sponsor the Mini Sluggers t-ball shirts this year! Waukee is a busy place and we enjoy all the community activities.